Real Conflict Between Science and Spirituality

Science is growing and its growing fast. Just think about the growth of science for the last 60 to 80 years. Most of the things now we are using daily is not imaginable before 70 years ago. So think about the world after 80 or hundred years.

There may be many impossible things exists in the world. Most of them not get afraid of anything because of their power (with the help of science).

The problem with this is that science and beliefs are running in parallel lines. Neither of them matches with one another on their concepts and policy, But most of us believed in a super power or our creator. The main reason for that is because science still needs to answer many questions. But most of the spiritual religion gives you a complete picture of your life and the need for living.

Religion and beliefs are the main controlling body which governs the human behavior. Without that, humans are just becoming fearless creatures like other animals, without thinking any consequences. With the rapid growth of science, It is impossible for our traditional beliefs to match with science if it grows like this. So we need to do something to protect our future generations and our world by preserving our Spirituality.

Science only meant to destroy life, But our beliefs keep us alive for a long time.