Listen to the secret of Music

Many around the world listen to music daily. There are different tastes of music for each and every one. But we can’t think about a silent world without music. Why????

Music is a wonder which feeds the world from the first days of civilization. The history of instruments are very long and evolve from ancient days. Almost every historic person listen to music on their days. Continue reading “Listen to the secret of Music”

Tough Day on Exam time – Making it simpler

Today is one of my tough days for me. because now I’m suffering from cold and fever and it is one of the busiest time on this year.

Yesterday, when I was spending time for creating this site, I lost some of my valuable time for going through my topics for today’s exam. As I expected, the paper was tough to me. With many other business works pending, I’m now very busy looking through the exam as well as the web mastering works.

Now I have a two-day gap before the next exam and utilizing the time brilliantly (sarcasm). Now wasting my time by listening music and getting a little sleep. I’m looking forward to finding a better and easier day for a smooth run through the hardest schedules.