Try to Do your Own Job in this Difficult Economic Crisis

This is a bad time in the history of the world for working people around the world. Most of the countries around the world are affected by the global economy meltdown. MillionsĀ of people around the world lost their jobs and most of them were sad and frustrated, wandering around the companies for an opening for themselves. Others on many companies not getting their wages for months.

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Tutorial for Installing Wysing(Wyswing) Editor

Wysing = Wysiwyg

Wyswing = Wysiwyg

This article is to teach how to create your own WYSIWYG(wysing or wyswing) for better text area elements on your websites. The wysiwyg editor is generally used for inputting and editing formatted text. The powerful JavaScripts embedded on WYSIWYG editors converts inputted text to formatted HTML elements in real time. Continue reading “Tutorial for Installing Wysing(Wyswing) Editor”

Christmas 2009 for Better Reason

This is our last opportunity to celebrate this year. Now we are on the side of pleasant holidays. I know that most of the readers around the world now looking and planning for the coming Christmas. We can’t predict our future and on the current situation, ie. in this flexible economic society, even a planning for the next couple of weeks may get you difficulties. So let’s hope good and pray for good.

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Listen to the secret of Music

Many around the world listen to music daily. There are different tastes of music for each and every one. But we can’t think about a silent world without music. Why????

Music is a wonder which feeds the world from the first days of civilization. The history of instruments are very long and evolve from ancient days. Almost every historic person listen to music on their days. Continue reading “Listen to the secret of Music”

Future of Automobiles – Innovative Fuels

This is the time of inflation because of oil deficiency. We now need to think about our future without oil and its related usages on our daily life. Every automobile is now running depending on the oil related products. Oil is now our major power source that we are using for our existence. Without that, we can’t exist. So for our existent, we need to think different. Continue reading “Future of Automobiles — Innovative Fuels”

A new world for a New Day

I am gone offline for a long time. That was only because I am very busy with my works. Now am planning to launch my own company. So now I am looking for the new rising world on the next days. The company will carry works relating to web based programming and advanced development, Software design and programming, BPO services like paper works and other IT related services. Continue reading “A new world for a New Day”