New Year Time! How lucky we are to Survive one more Year!!

End of this year is almost near. It is festival time. All world celebrating Christmas and New Year.

Is it fair to celebrate on this time?

Yes, it is… Yesterday, I saw an English film(not remembering the name) which points out that anything can happen to the world (The film is about a meteoroid collision with earth which completely destroys the life. A team of NASA astronaut lands to the approaching rock and breaks it with the bomb and saves the world… blah.. blah..). I was interested in the film on its beginning, it points out that, the same thing (collision with the meteoroid) happened 65 million years ago, so it can happen at any time.

We should be thankful to the Superpower (Almighty, our the Creator) to see one more year. Do you believe in the theory of 2012? We can’t really predict what lies before. But in this condition, I think that the end is near and we can’t walk through the same path. There are many reasons to predict the end. The main reason is the changing climate. Now days, many places are become volatile and violent. Terrorism (the latest face of violence) is now spreading like a virus. Also new types of viruses are spreading globally and resulting new diseases. Unstable economy also results in the fast decline of stable rulings. Food shortage in global scale due to unpredictable climate changes, water is polluting with harmful minerals because of industrialization. How much the earth can tolerate??

The science dramatically changed the earth and its civilization. The world community is developed 100 times in the last 100 years. But you need to understand that there is a limit for every expansion of technologies unless you find out an another way to develop new things.

Modern world depends upon mathematics calculations and theories to prove the secrets of nature. We solved many puzzles, still the questions are infinite and answers were a few. Many says that we are only on its beginning. But I don’t think that humans are designed to handle (or go through) much advanced environment. I still believe that there is a limit for our grasp and there are many things happening around us without our knowledge(or above our knowledge).

The fact is that there is no guarantee for the life and also for tomorrow. We must thank to the leader to allow us to show one more day(year) in this mysterious world. Celebrate the new year. Spread happiness around you. Make this moment memorable.