Future of Automobiles – Innovative Fuels

This is the time of inflation because of oil deficiency. We now need to think about our future without oil and its related usages on our daily life. Every automobile is now running depending on the oil related products. Oil is now our major power source that we are using for our existence. Without that, we can’t exist. So for our existent, we need to think different.

I saw a program on discovery in which two engineers made a new mechanism for running a car. They use tree chips as fuel for the car. When the wood pieces heat under extreme conditions, flammable natural gas will emerge from that. This flammable gas can be used for the ignition system and engine’s working, after filtering the gas through filtering mechanism. The amazing fact about this experiment is that the car runs smoothly with the mechanism, but with very less pollution.
We now need a mechanism like this to run our automobiles cheaply and efficiently with less pollution. The water-car made in Japan is an inspiration and sample of future automobile fuels.