The Best Project Architecture for Web Applications

I am going through many projects and did implement many project architecture for those. From my experience, I found that MVC architecture is best for developing web-related project. I am here talking only about web applications since I am associated with web based projects.

There are several frameworks available which use MVC architecture. The best and easiest method to implement MVC architecture is to use a framework which is implemented with the architecture. You can also create an application which follows MVC architecture.

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First Step towards C++ Programming Language for Newbies

C++ is the basic object-oriented programming language. An object-oriented programming language (OOP) means the language is used for manipulating the objects instead of data, like other conventional languages. The objects are like those objects in real world. They have properties like color, smell, etc… as well as some functional qualities. In C++, OOP is implemented with the help of “CLASS”. Continue reading “First Step towards C++ Programming Language for Newbies”