New Year Time! How lucky we are to Survive one more Year!!

End of this year is almost near. It is festival time. All world celebrating Christmas and New Year.

Is it fair to celebrate on this time?

Yes, it is… Yesterday, I saw an English film(not remembering the name) which points out that anything can happen to the world (The film is about a meteoroid collision with earth which completely destroys the life. A team of NASA astronaut lands to the approaching rock and breaks it with the bomb and saves the world… blah.. blah..). I was interested in the film on its beginning, it points out that, the same thing (collision with the meteoroid) happened 65 million years ago, so it can happen at any time.

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Try to Do your Own Job in this Difficult Economic Crisis

This is a bad time in the history of the world for working people around the world. Most of the countries around the world are affected by the global economy meltdown. Millions of people around the world lost their jobs and most of them were sad and frustrated, wandering around the companies for an opening for themselves. Others on many companies not getting their wages for months.

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Christmas 2009 for Better Reason

This is our last opportunity to celebrate this year. Now we are on the side of pleasant holidays. I know that most of the readers around the world now looking and planning for the coming Christmas. We can’t predict our future and on the current situation, ie. in this flexible economic society, even a planning for the next couple of weeks may get you difficulties. So let’s hope good and pray for good.

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Going to Sleepp….

It’s time for my sleep…..

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Welcome to the World of IVENMS

Thanks for visiting this site. Today, I’m decided to launch my own site, and established this personal site. After the journey of four years through webmaster’s field, I managed to create my own place to share my thoughts directly with you.

This place is created for every new webmaster to share my experience and Idea about web mastering. Subscribe this site and get some new tips or news about web mastering. I will try to add much contents and thoughts on this site.

Browse through this place and visit again.