Secret and Mysterious Holes in Universe (Black, White and Worm Holes)

Secret and Mysterious Holes in Universe (Black, White, and Worm Holes).

Do you have any idea about the mysterious holes which are not yet seen?

Science is advancing and because of that, new crazy theories are emerging day by day. The latest postulates that I can’t digest and believe is the theory of multiverse( the concept of more than one universe).

I am using this opportunity to present you the details and interesting facts associated with the mysterious holes in the universe. Among them, the black hole is quite popular and many know where these things can be found. This concept becomes popular by theĀ  Large Hadron Collider experiment.
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Listen to the secret of Music

Many around the world listen to music daily. There are different tastes of music for each and every one. But we can’t think about a silent world without music. Why????

Music is a wonder which feeds the world from the first days of civilization. The history of instruments are very long and evolve from ancient days. Almost every historic person listen to music on their days. Continue reading “Listen to the secret of Music”