Blogging is a Trend or Outdated?

Back after a long time, almost one year after my last article on this site. I was very busy with my work over these days. Still, I am busy, but excuses does not give you the solutions.

This is the time of micro-blogging and social networking. So most of the people who make lengthy articles are retired from their blogging field :). The main reason for this trend change is the busier lifestyle accepted by people.

The World has changed a lot, a dramatic change within the last 100 years. People like Albert Einstein changed the look, feel and the speed of life.

Today, people are living a faster and complicated life. But the tragedy of modern lifestyle is that they usually don’t get any thing to recollect from their fast life. They don’t get enough time to enjoy their life. Living like a robot, making money, for what ??? For whom??

More and more people are now spending time on micro-blogging rather then blogs to save time. But are they satisfied of their tweets? Which one is better: A tiny message(tweet) or a complete article. ? I will go for the second one. That is why I am here. Hopping to spend more time over here.

Wishing you all happy and prosperous new year!.

Christmas 2009 for Better Reason

This is our last opportunity to celebrate this year. Now we are on the side of pleasant holidays. I know that most of the readers around the world now looking and planning for the coming Christmas. We can’t predict our future and on the current situation, ie. in this flexible economic society, even a planning for the next couple of weeks may get you difficulties. So let’s hope good and pray for good.

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A new world for a New Day

I am gone offline for a long time. That was only because I am very busy with my works. Now am planning to launch my own company. So now I am looking for the new rising world on the next days. The company will carry works relating to web based programming and advanced development, Software design and programming, BPO services like paper works and other IT related services. Continue reading “A new world for a New Day”

Going to Sleepp….

It’s time for my sleep…..

But before going for my sleep, I am here to tell about my past two days with you. The past day was very ordinary. Nothing special happened. But I was busy with one of my newly assigned projects. The project is now on the path towards its completion. Now I am doing some testing techniques with my project. Continue reading “Going to Sleepp….”

Learning More and More about Distributed Systems

Since tomorrow is the day for my exam, I’m going through every possible topic relating to Distributed Systems. Going through the topics, it is very interesting to know more about this field. I was amazed at the fact about the generations and developments of computer technologies. With advanced distributed technologies, the dramatic changes of web technology occurred over the last 10 years. Continue reading “Learning More and More about Distributed Systems”

Third day after the Lauunch of this Site

This is the third successful day of this site after its launch. Till now, I managed to spend time for writing contents on this site. But there are many tight schedules coming on future days.

For me, today is as ordinary as other days and just found some topic lessons for the exams. Now I am very excited to share my personal life with my visitors. You can talk with me by using comment posts or by emailing me. I’m also planning to establish an online chatting mechanism for this site. With that, I can contact my visitors directly.

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