Came Back from Past – New Thoughts

Again, I am here to share my ideas with you after a long time gap. I really like to share my thoughts with you (world), but now not getting enough time to write over here.

This is 4th month of my firm, but not getting much progress for my firm. Working so hard over here and trying to fetch the firm to the top of IT sector.

Technologies are changing and many things are changed from the past when I was active over here, I mean webmaster’s world.

Now web applications are running as software applications with the help of Ajax. Of course, high speed internet connection needed for this type of technologies and that is often available all around the world.

Another interesting topic is of course election in America. Obama elected as president and a new era is rising. I am looking for the change and also trying to predict(imagine) the future to pace with it.

Waiting and watching for a brighter future, A world lighting with the lamp of peace… My dreams……..