Blogging Platforms Rated – Top 10 Blog Scripts

After an exclusive survey about blogging software, I concluded with the following results. The result includes top 10 blog platform or script providers.

  1. WordPress – About 80% voters select WordPress as the best platform. The reason for selecting WordPress is its SEO support and large popularity. One who owns server space will definitely go for WordPress.
  2. Blogger – Almost 33 percent of voters selected blogger as their favorite blog providing site. The main feature of blogger is its simplicity and its high profile. Beginners should go with blogger rather than go with WordPress. Also now there are many stylish free templates are available for blogger sites.
  3. Movable Type – Surprisingly the third position goes to Movable Type blog script. 4 percentage of voters selected this blogging platform. The main reason for this is their new features like Multiple weblogs, Standalone content pages, Asset and File Manager, etc..
  4. b2evolution – One of the earliest blog providers, still working for their popularity. The script provides advanced features, but most users prefer other platforms.
  5. WikyBlog – a new concept in blogging. WikiBlog is new, but their different features and concepts make them to top 5.
  6. Typo – Typo is a lean engine that makes blogging easy. Typo’s main attributes are ease of use, usability, beauty and excellent support of web standards.
  7. Windows Live Spaces – Allows users to create and manage their blogs from their computer or mobile phones.
  8. Others – The other option conquered the 9th place. Many other platforms are available on the web which is more popular than the options available on this survey.
  9. LifeTypeLifeType is multi-blog and multi-user out of the box, and end users will enjoy its friendly user interface, the generation of clean XHTML code and the powerful file management area for managing resources and attaching them to posts.
  10. myBloggieAn advanced weblog using MySQL as the database. The blog features will all common features available on other platforms. Features include template based for easy customization, user-friendly support BBcode with the online editor, preview, edit, delete function, auto hyperlink. scripts

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