Blogging is a Trend or Outdated?

Back after a long time, almost one year after my last article on this site. I was very busy with my work over these days. Still, I am busy, but excuses does not give you the solutions.

This is the time of micro-blogging and social networking. So most of the people who make lengthy articles are retired from their blogging field :). The main reason for this trend change is the busier lifestyle accepted by people.

The World has changed a lot, a dramatic change within the last 100 years. People like Albert Einstein changed the look, feel and the speed of life.

Today, people are living a faster and complicated life. But the tragedy of modern lifestyle is that they usually don’t get any thing to recollect from their fast life. They don’t get enough time to enjoy their life. Living like a robot, making money, for what ??? For whom??

More and more people are now spending time on micro-blogging rather then blogs to save time. But are they satisfied of their tweets? Which one is better: A tiny message(tweet) or a complete article. ? I will go for the second one. That is why I am here. Hopping to spend more time over here.

Wishing you all happy and prosperous new year!.