Blogging is a Trend or Outdated?

Back after a long time, almost one year after my last article on this site. Actually I was very busy with my work over these days. Still I am busy, but excuses does not give you the solutions.

This is the time of micro-blogging and social networking. So most of the people who make lengthy articles are retired from their blogging field :). Main reason for this is the busier life adopting by people.

World had changed a lot. A dramatic change within the last 100 years. People like Albert Einstein changed the look, feel and the speed of living.

Today, people are living a fast life. But the tragic part is that they don’t have any thing to recollect from their fast life. They don’t get enough time to enjoy their life. Living like a robot, making money, for what ??? For whom??

People spending time on micro-blogging rather then blogs to save time. But are they satisfied of their tweets? Which one is better: A tiny message(tweet) or a complete article. ? I will go for the second one. That is why I am here. Hopping to spend more time over here.

Wishing you all happy and prosperous new year!.

Secret and Mysterious Holes in Universe (Black, White and Worm Holes)

Secret and Mysterious Holes in Universe (Black, White and Whorm Holes). Do have any idea about the mysterious holes which are not yet seen… Science is advancing and because of that, new crazy theories are emerging day by day. The latest postulates that I can’t digest and believe is the theory of multiverse(concept of more than one universe).

I am using this opportunity to present you the details and interesting things associated with the mysterious holes in universe. Among them, black hole is quite popular and many knows where these things can be found. This concept becomes popular by the  Large Hadron Collider experiment.

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New Year Time! How lucky we are to Survive one more Year!!

End of this year is almost near. Its festival time. All world celebrating Christmas and New Year.

Is it fair to celebrate on this time?

Yes it is.. Yesterday, I saw an English film(not remembering the name) which points out that any thing can happen to the world (The film is about a meteoroid collision with earth which completely destroys the life. A team of NASA astronaut lands to the approaching rock and breaks it with bomb and saves the world… blah.. blah..). I am interested with the film is that on its beginning, it points out that, the same thing (collision with the meteoroid) happens 65 million years ago, so it can be happen at any time.

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The Best Project Architecture for Web Applications

I am going through many projects and did implemented many project architecture for those. From my experience, I found that MVC architecture is best for developing web related project. I am here talking only about web applications since I am associated with web based projects.

There are several frameworks available which uses MVC architecture. The best and easiest method to implement MVC architecture is to use a framework which is implemented with the architecture. You can also create an application which follows MVC architecture.

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A new Aid to Global Recession

I am watching around me that many of my friends and other lost their high reputed jobs in the field on IT. Since I am closely related with this field, I can see many wandering for jobs. For an owner like me, it is good for me to get employee for lesser payments. But there is no justice for this matter. Continue reading A new Aid to Global Recession

Try to Do your Own Job in this Difficult Economic Crisis

This is a bad time in the history of world for working people through out the world. Most of the countries through out the world affecting by the global economy melt down. Many all around the world lost their jobs and most of them were sad and frustrated, wandering around the companies for an opening for themselves. Others on many companies not getting their wages for months.

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Tutorial for Installing Wysing(Wyswing) Editor

Wysing = Wysiwyg

Wyswing = Wysiwyg

This article is to teach how to create your own wysiwyg(wysing or wyswing) for better textarea elements on your web sites. The wysiwyg editor is generally used for inputting and editing formatted text. The powerful javascripts embedded on wysiwyg editors converts inputted text to formatted HTML elements in real time. Continue reading Tutorial for Installing Wysing(Wyswing) Editor

Christmas 2009 for Better Reason

This is our last opportunity to celebrate on this year. Now we are on the side of pleasant holidays. I know that most of the readers around the world now looking and planning for the coming Christmas. We can’t predict our future and on current situation, ie. in this flexible economic society, even a planning for the next couple of weeks may get you difficulties. So lets hope good and pray for good.

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